Sumitomo Chemical and APMEN partner to eliminate malaria in Asia Pacific

04 December 2018 Posted by APMEN

The Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) is pleased to announce the recent election of Sumitomo Chemical as an APMEN Partner Institution during a Joint APMEN Working Group meeting on 6 September 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to Sumitomo Chemical, four other Partner Institutions were elected.

APMEN Partner Institutions include academic and research institutions; non-governmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations; and private sector partners that operate within the Asia Pacific region and have a strong focus on malaria. Partner Institutions have indicated their willingness to participate in, fund, provide technical support, and/or undertake joint or complementary research and malaria elimination activities. 

Sumitomo Chemical is committed to developing, producing, and scaling insecticides for global public health to prevent vector borne disease around the world. Since 2014, Sumitomo Chemical has been a strong supporter of APMEN, providing generous funding for the APMEN Vector Control Working Group (VCWG), including annual VCWG meetings, regional trainings and fellowships in vector biology, insecticide resistance, and vector surveillance and control; and the development of an online resource exchange. Sumitomo Chemical also provides technical support to VCWG members and regularly participates in annual VCWG meetings.

The official partnership between APMEN and Sumitomo Chemical will further strengthen collaboration and progress toward malaria elimination across the Asia Pacific region.

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