Introducing APMEN Senior Director, Amita Chebbi

10 March 2019 Posted by APMEN
Dear Country Partners, Partner Institutions and Observers,

I am delighted to introduce the incoming Senior Director of the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN), Amita Chebbi.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support for the past two years I have been leading the APMEN Secretariat. With the dedication and commitment of the core Working        Group teams and their co-chairs, the unselfish support from several APMEN partner institutions and the WHO, the generosity of the NVBDCP, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand, and several individuals in the region and globally, the Network managed to further strengthen South-South cooperation and peer-to-peer collaboration through several APMEN-initiated training courses and capacity building programs while starting the Program Effectiveness for Malaria Elimination Working Group.

We all put our heads together to consider a new model that would make APMEN more relevant to countries as they strive towards their respective malaria elimination goals. I would also like to thank the APLMA team led by Ben Rolfe for their collaborative support, the BMGF and DFAT for their renewed confidence with what APMEN can achieve, and the APLMA Board who believed in APMEN. Finally, I would like to thank Jeff Smith, Myo Min, Prof. Gao Qi, Jetsumon Prachumsree, Ric Price, Allison Tatarsky, Chris Cotter, Rose Nani, Christina Rundi, Jeffrey Hii and so many other individuals. I was just but a steward entrusted with great responsibilities and expectations.
Indeed, this is an exciting time for us. Please extend a warm welcome to Amita and I encourage you to reach out directly to her in the coming week. Together, let's us pave the way for malaria elimination in the region.

 Best wishes,

 Dr. Effie Espino
 Former APMEN Director
 Head of Department of Parasitology
 Head of National Reference Laboratory for Malaria and other Parasites
 Research Institute of Tropical Medicine

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