#IndiaAgainstMosquito campaign by Malaria No More India

12 September 2019 Posted by APMEN

MNM India organized a workshop around World Mosquito Day on 20th August 2019. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Neeraj Dhingra, Director, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme(NVBDCP), in the presence of other experts from the scientific and media backgrounds.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Dhingra stressed the commitment to curb vector-borne diseases, “Improving health outcomes is a shared responsibility of all the stakeholders. Malaria No More India’s efforts to raise awareness and promote community action against the mosquito is truly commendable. Increased awareness and practical approaches to manage the vector can go a long way in setting the country up for elimination from mosquito-borne diseases.”

Malaria No More India Country Director, Dr. Sanjeev Gaikwad stated “We want to make #IndiaAgainstMosquito campaign a mass movement. New and traditional media along with celebrities will play a major role making it a truly national movement. We will need high-level political commitment, media and society to participate in this campaign together, to be able to win the war with mosquitoes.

Malaria No More and Times Bridge have come together to support India’s malaria elimination goal. The two organizations, in associations with various other partners, will work to building coalitions of influencers, strengthening policy advocacy, and producing and distributing regionally adapted, multi-media content- to elevate the issue on the national agenda. Partnering with Facebook, Sharechat, Snap- Creating a national filter to rally the younger population to spread the message around mosquito. Digital Articles, MX Player: one of India’s biggest OTT service, will push infographic videos in relevant markets. Weather Channel and Business Insider Articles around World Mosquito Day.

Soon we shall see creating and distribution of break-through and actionable, nationally and regionally-relevant multi-media content. The aim is to garner media attention, inform and inspire target audiences and result in their maximum engagement. The partnership will also start engaging and activating influencers (e.g., popular culture, politics, sports, and business) and partners at the national and state level calling for India to achieve its malaria elimination goal.


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