Exclusive Preview: APMEN’s Online Resource Exchange for Entomology (ORENE)

12 September 2019 Posted by APMEN

APMEN presented an exclusive preview of the newly developed Online Resource Exchange for Entomology (ORENE) - a web platform to support a community of practice for entomologists - at the Ento’19 Workshop held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and organized by Royal Entomological Society of the UK.  Other networks who also presented at this workshop included the Global Vector Hub, ANTI-VeC Network, and GNATWORK.

At the 2018 APMEN Vector Control Working Group Annual Meeting, APMEN’s country partners and partner institutions expressed the need for an interactive platform for entomologists to access updated knowledge and information, to establish professional connections with other fellow entomologists and experts in the field, to access career and funding opportunities information, and share best practices with each other.

This year, the APMEN VCWG has delivered a product to address this need. The concept was developed and tested in close consultation with the network members, entomologists and vector control specialists. The web platform aims to develop a community of practice, ideally led by entomologists in the region with a vision to build entomology capacity through a network of professionals who will drive entomological research, surveillance, improve vector control interventions’ effectiveness and help us reach malaria elimination goals and support other vector-borne diseases.

 The formal public launch of ORENE with further information on the web-platform will be communicated by APMEN to its members in the coming months.

APMEN would like to acknowledge the efforts of Ms. Latifeh Dahmash, Dr. Effie Espino, Ms. Allison Tatarsky, and Dr. Michael Macdonald, especially during the initial concept development stage of ORENE. The development of ORENE was generously funded by Sumitomo Chemicals and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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