Update on the APMEN ACROSS Surveys

13 March 2020 Posted by APMEN VxWG

Update on the APMEN health care facility and community assessment to determine populations at risk of malaria and primaquine-induced haemolysis surveys (ACROSS) 

The Vivax Working group continues to support the ACROSS surveys aiming to identify populations and individuals at risk of malaria and drug induced hemolysis and evaluating novel diagnostics. So far surveys have been undertaken in Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Vietnam, India, and at two sites in Indonesia enrolling more than 4500 participants. The studies in Pakistan and Laos are ongoing. Further can be found at http://menzies.edu.au/across. 

Pooled analysis on qualitative G6PD diagnostic published 

Members of the APMEN Vivax Working group have collaborated on a pooled analysis on the performance of a qualitative point of care test to diagnose G6PD deficiency. This study showed that the test performed well under research conditions, but further testing under clinical practice are still needed.  https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1002992. 


Short course radical cure of P. vivax in Nepal - a randomized controlled trial (SIRIN) is starting 

The Vivax Working Group co-funds a pilot study in Nepal aiming to simplify malaria treatment by reducing the treatment course of primaquine radical cure for P. vivax malaria. In Nepal recent evidence suggests that a low dose regimen of 3.5mg/kg total dose is effective in preventing recurrent episodes of vivax malaria. Shortening this course is likely to increase adherence and therefore effectiveness. Initial training has been conducted in early March and the study is about to start enrollment. More details can be found: https://www.menzies.edu.au/SIRIN 


Reducing the risk of P. vivax after falciparum infections in co-endemic areas - a randomized controlled trial (PRIMA) 

The Vivax Working Group supports a multicenter study aimed to assess the use of primaquine radical cure in Plasmodium falciparum patients to reduce the risk of subsequent P. vivax. Recruitment into the study has commenced in Bangladesh and the Indonesian site is expected to join soon. 

More details about the study can be found here:  https://www.menzies.edu.au/PRIMA



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