APMENxChange - Sustaining malaria services during a pandemic: What do we need to do?

18 May 2020 Posted by APMEN

The ‘APMENxChange’ is a series of webinars hosted by the APMEN Secretariat to support sharing of information and knowledge exchange through the network. The inaugural ‘APMENxChange’ webinar on ‘Sustaining malaria services during a  pandemic: What do we need to do?’ was organized on 15 May 2020.

The webinar was well attended with more than 110 participants from 19 countries. Dr Neena Valecha, Regional Advisor (Malaria), WHO South-East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and Dr James Kelley, Technical Officer (Malaria Surveillance and Elimination), WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) presented the WHO perspective on maintaining malaria operations in the context of COVID-19. The WHO presentations were followed by Dr Rose Nani Binti Mudin, Head of Vector Borne Disease Sector, Malaysia, who discussed critical actions taken by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and shared perspective from a national malaria program on the challenges around ensuring malaria service delivery during the current pandemic.

The panelists discussed and responded to questions from the engaged audience. The webinar was recorded and uploaded on the APMEN-APLMA YouTube channel and posted on APMEN social media (Twitter, Facebook)

Speakers Presentations: 

Challenges of malaria service delivery during COVID-19_Malaysia 

Maintaining malaria operations in the context of COVID-19_WHO

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