CountrySri Lanka

Sri Lanka has achieved remarkable success in eliminating its malaria burden. Following a resurgence of malaria in the late 1960s, it took about 5 decades to return to elimination levels. Local cases were reduced from 264,549 malaria cases in 1999 to 23 in 2012, with the achievement of malaria-free certification by the World Health Organization on September 5, 2016. 

Sri Lanka’s success can be credited to a combination of efforts including: intensive parasitological and entomological surveillance, closely observed treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) and primaquine, a strategy of integrated vector management, environmental management, and rigorous community engagement at the grassroots level. As a long term Country Partner of APMEN, Sri Lanka has valuable experience to share with other countries in the region as they progress toward their goals.

Quick facts

  • 0 local cases of malaria and 0 deaths (last local case reported in 2012, last death in 2007)
  • 0 Annual Parasite Index (cases/1,000 population/year)
  • Dominant malaria species was P. vivax
  • Elimination goal achieved: zero indigenous cases and zero deaths by 2016