2016 APMEN Annual General Meeting (AGM)

12 May 2016Bangkok, Thailand

The 2016 APMEN Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with the first Asia Pacific Joint Malaria Week.

The APMEN AGM drew 85 participants representing 12 of the 18 APMEN Partner Countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam), as well as having four Observer Countries (Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Timor Leste) in attendance. In addition, 18 of APMEN’s 37 Partner Institutions were represented, along with active participation from donors and other observers.

The overarching objective of the AGM was to achieve consensus on the future role and strategic direction of APMEN, within the changing context of malaria elimination in the Asia Pacific. The agenda included a review of APMEN’s past and present achievements and challenges (Sessions 1 & 2), and a prioritization activity to identify future focus areas for APMEN (Session 3). A Country Partner consultation was also held to assess the identified priority areas where APMEN might best support malaria programme managers in achieving their priority actions.


  • Official Opening of Meeting
  • Session   1: The Changing Landscape of Malaria Elimination in the Asia Pacific
  • Session 1.1: Reflection: overview of the role of APMEN in elimination [download presentation]
  • Session 1.2: Perspectives and priorities within APMEN themes
  • Session 1.3: The evolution of APMEN [download presentation]
  • Session   2: APMEN in the context of new regional commitments to elimination
  • Session  2.1: United efforts for elimination:regional cooperation to progress the APLMA Roadmap [download presentation]
  • Session  2.2:: Re-envisioning APMEN’s role in a new context: where to from here? [download presentation]
  • Session   3: Future directions for the APMEN Network
    • Facilitated group work: Reassessing the Network’s programmatic and operational priorities (Workshop with break out groups on APMEN strategic themes)
    • Report back and discussion
  • Closing Remarks 
  • APMEN Country Partner Consultation Meeting

Meeting Materials