7-10 May 2012Seoul, South Korea

APMEN IV was composed of Business and Technical Meetings as well as a bi-annual Advisory Board meeting.  Preceding APMEN IV was the annual Vivax and Vector Control Working Group meetings, held on May 6-7 in Incheon, Republic of Korea.

APMEN IV was attended by the meeting’s Host Country Co-Chair, Dr Byung-Yool Jun, Director of Korea Centers for Disease Control (KCDC), Dr Hye-Kyung Park, Director of Division of Communicable Disease Control, KCDC and Dr Myeong-Chan Cho, General Director, Korea National Institute of Health.  APMEN was also honored to have in attendance Dr Hoon-Sang Lee, Health Specialist and representative from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).  They joined more than 85 representatives from 11 of APMEN’s Country Partners (Bhutan, Cambodia China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vanuatu) as well as from regional partners from the academic, development, non-governmental and private sectors, as well representatives from the Network’s global partner the World Health Organization (WHO).  APMEN welcomed both Vietnam and Brunei who attended the meeting as observer countries.

APMEN IV celebrated the major progress in malaria control and elimination that has been documented in the Asia Pacific region, a global leader in malaria elimination. The issue of antimalarial drug (artemisinin) resistance threat to regional stability and continued economic growth was a focal point of the meeting.  New APMEN Country Partner Cambodia brought a front-line perspective of the battle against antimalarial resistance, sharing evidence on key strategies that have been used.  The meeting also included a focus on the importation of malaria, another common issue that faces all APMEN countries. The meeting theme of “Efficiency in Elimination” was adopted, which reflected the urgent global need to maintain and expand malaria programs, in spite of substantial funding shortages related to the global financial crisis.  The Network reaffirmed its commitment to work together to share experiences on malaria elimination and to continue the collaborative research projects, capacity building activities and advocacy efforts.

APMEN would like to thank the Korea Centers for Disease Control's organising team (Dr Won Ja Lee and Dr Jung-Yeon Kim and their staff), UQ Secretariat team (Professor Maxine Whittaker, Ms Arna Chancellor, Ms Amanda Lee and Ms Linda Skiller), GHG Secretariat team (Dr Roly Gosling, Ms Cara Smith Gueye and Ms Hyunju Woo), the Vivax Coordinating team (Dr Ric Price, Dr Lorenz von Seidlein, Ms Kylie Mannion  and Dr Sarah Auburn) and Ms Sue Jin Kim and the team at BMD, for their support and hard work in the smooth running of these meetings.


  • Session  1: Malaria Elimination: Progress, Prospects and Priorities
  • Session  2: Overview of malaria elimination in the Republic of Korea
  • Session  3: Country Elimination Profiles - Cambodia
  • Session  4: APMEN Study Tour 
  • Session  5: Country Partner breakfast briefing of the APMEN Vector Control and Vivax  Working Groups 
  • Session  6: Surveillance
  • Session  7: Mobile populations
  • Session  8: Advocating for “Sustaining the Gains”
  • Session  9: Drug Resistance
  • Session  10: APMEN Hypothetical Panel Session - Sustaining Malaria Elimination Programs
  • Session  11: Evaluation of network
  • Session  12: Evaluation of network
  • Session  13: Dinner meeting  for the APMEN Country Partner Representatives
  • Session  14: APMEN 2011-2012 Activities
  • Session  15: Vector and Vivax Working Groups, 2011-2012 Updates
  • Session  16: Business meeting
  • Session  17: Closing session: Strategic Direction & Conclusions 

*please contact us if you would like a copy of any presentation from this meeting

Meeting Materials


  • Vivax Working Group Meeting
  • Vector Control Working Group Meeting