Vivax Working Group

6-7 May, 2012Seoul, Republic of Korea


G6PD Workshop

  • Welcome Addresses
  • Session 1: The Problem:
  • Safe Primaquine dosing in the treatment of P.vivax: the role of G6PD deficiency
  • The P. vivax endemicity map
  • G6PD deficiency: prevalence, mutations, and haemolytic risk in the Asia Pacific region
  • Primaquine & G6PD testing in P. vivax treatment: The WHO strategy
  • Session 2: G6PD Testing:
  • Overview of experimental and standard methods to diagnose G6PD deficiency
  • Phenotypic assays: the experience from Mae Sot
  • RDTs: the experience from Cambodia
  • Session 3: APMEN Country Experiences:
  • G6PD testing in Philippines
  • G6PD testing in Indonesia
  • Session 4: Research Priorities:
  • Where do we go from here? Research priorities
  • Industries perspective: what resources do they use in the development of tafenoquine? How can G6PDd testing be applied to clinical trials?
  • Validation trials, and defining standards for new G6PD tests
  • When is G6PD testing cost-effective?
  • Summary and Day 1 Closing

APMEN Vivax Working Group Business Meeting

Vivax Working Group Meeting

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Session 1: Overview to P.vivax Genotyping
  • P.vivax genotyping: utilities and the VxWG multi-centre genotyping project
  • The Papua New Guinea Experience
  • Session 2: APMEN Country Experiences:
  • Update from Republic of Korea
  • Update from China
  • Update from Indonesia
  • Update from Sri Lanka
  • Session 3: A Regional Perspective:
  • P.vivax Genetic Mapping in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Molecular Data Sharing – WWARN experience
  • Open Discussion – Data Sharing
  • Session 4: Prospects for whole genome sequencing:
  • P. vivax genome sequencing: update
  • P. vivax genome sequencing challenges and prospects – progress update

Meeting Materials