Vector Control Working Group

6-7 May, 2012Seoul, Republic of Korea


  • Session 1: Opening Remarks
  • Session 2: Report Back from Previous Meeting
  • Theme 1: What do we know about larviciding, environmental management and personal repellents and their role in elimination?
  • Session 3: Facilitated discussion on Larviciding
  • Session 4: Facilitated discussion on Personal Repellents
  • Session 5: Facilitated discussion on Environmental Management
  • Session 6: APMEN Vector Working Group’s Role
  • Theme 2: Recent Updates
  • Session 7: Manual on Indoor residual Spraying: Changes in relation to Malaria Elimination
  • Session 8: Outdoor Malaria Transmission
  • Session 9: Insecticide Resistance Monitoring Workshop
  • Session 10: Capacity building/Entomology Training
  • Session 11: Launch and viewing of the new global multi-vector map from The Malaria Atlas Project
  • Day One Conclusion: APMEN Vector Working Group’s role
  • Theme 3: How do we increase Vector Control for elimination capacity in APMEN countries?
  • Session 12: Vector Working Group Business meeting: Update from 2011/12 activities, Discussion on Governance issues, Working group recommendations 
  • Session 13: Malaria Vectors of the Korean Peninsula

*please contact us if you would like a copy of any presentation from this meeting

Meeting Materials