Vector Control Working Group

2-4 May, 2013Bali, Indonesia


  • Session 1: Workshop with VECNet and Malaria Atlas Project (MAP), including the Transmission Simulator and Risk Mapper
  • Recent developments and field trials of the Insecticide Quantification Kit
  • A new VECNet tool: RiskMapper
  • Other interventions: what to implement where?
  • Session 2: Introduction of Surveillance Thematic Group
  • APMEN Surveillance Thematic Group
  • Session 3: Feedback and update from 2012: Standard Operating Procedures
  • Feed back and Update from 2012
  • Session 4: Innovations in vector control
  • Innovations in Vector Control
  • Session 5: Study Tour
  • Session 6: Background paper on bed net disposal
  • Bed net disposal: Do we know where to dispose old bed nets after collection?
  • Session 7: Panel discussion on bed nets
  • Session 8: Insecticide resistance
  • Insecticide resistance of Malaria Vectors; the current update and future plan
  • Session 9-11: Working sessions
  • Session 12: Vector Control Working Group - Business Meeting

Meeting Materials