Vector Control Working Group

10-11 March 2014Manila, Philippines


The 2014 Vector Control Working Group meeting consisted of three main sessions. Session one discussed the vector control landscape and informed the plenary session to discuss APMEN roles in this landscape, and was chaired by Dr Moh Seng Chang (Consultant entomologist, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and Chair, VcWG). The objective was to identify current guidance and global activities in vector control for malaria, with emphasis on the elimination setting. 

The second session focussed on vector control strategies in elimination environments and reviewed various adaptations, innovations and developments in vector control strategies and their role in elimination settings. This included a workshop on the potential role for larva source management. This session was chaired by Ms. Cecilia T. Hugo (Executive Coordinator, ACTMalaria). 

Session three was focused on capacity building, chaired by Dr Rabindra Abeyasinghe (Western Pacific Regional Office, World Health Organization), and aimed to identify innovations in, and experiences with, strengthening regional capacity in vector control. A final plenary session developed proposed work activities for vector control in the region, and possible areas for APMEN support. 

Meeting Materials