Vivax Working Group

17-18 October, 2016Bali, Indonesia

Vivax Working Group Meeting

The APMEN VxWG and SRWG hosted their annual meetings back-to-back between October 17-21 in Bali, Indonesia. Each working group hosted an annual meeting in addition to a half-day integrated meeting on cross-cutting themes related to case management, P. vivax, and surveillance and response. The VxWG meeting hosted sessions on radical cure and G6PD testing.


Session 1: Updates on Radical Cure
Objective: To update participants on recent advances in regards to radical cure

  1. Introduction to the meeting. Presenter: Ric Price
  2. Regional Action Framework for Malaria Control and Elimination in the Western Pacific 2016 – 2020. Presenter: Rabindra Abeyasinghe
  3. Multicentred clinical trials of primaquine radical cure. Presenter: Kamala Thriemer
  4. Update on Tafenoquine trials. Presenter: Stephan Duparc
  5. WWARN vivax surveyor. Presenter: Rob Commons
  6. Discussion

Session 2: Update on new G6PD diagnostics
Objectives: to facilitate knowledge exchange and increase awarenessabout G6PD testing options

  1. What’s new / what is in the pipeline? Presenter: Gonzalo Domingo
  2. Carestart and Biosensor (Access Bio). Presenter: Young S Hong
  3. As good as gold: quantitative G6PD diagnostics for population based testing and quality assurance for point-of-care tests. Presenter: Jack Richards
  4. A comparison of three methods to estimate G6PD activity in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. Presenter: Benedikt Ley
  5. Performance of the Carestart G6PD RDT and 2nd generation Biosensor (Access Bio) - preliminary data. Presenter: Ari Winasti
  6. Discussion

Session 3: Barriers to roll out G6PD testing and cost effectiveness of G6PD testing
Objectives: 1) To understand barriers for introduction of G6PD testing,  2) To share experiences with G6PD testing,  3) To discuss cost implications for G6PD testing,  4) To find common grounds on how to roll out G6PD testing.

  1. Barriers to roll out G6PD testing: results from an APMEN study in 4 countries. Presenter: Benedikt Ley
  2. Introducing routine G6PD testing – Thai experience. Presenter: Suravadee Kitchakarn
  3. A cost-effectiveness analyses. Presenter: Angela Devine

Session 4: Feedback session
Objective: To find common grounds on how to roll out G6PD testing

Session 1: G6PD where next? 
Objective: To define common goals in regards to G6PD

Vivax Working Group Business meeting 

Integrated Meeting of the APMEN VxWG and SRWG

Session 1. Introduction
Presenters: Dr. Ric Price, VxWG Chair; Prof Gao Qi and Dr. Roly Gosling, SRWG Cochairs

  1. Facilitate synergies between working groups to address intersecting priorities.
  2. To strengthen links between case management and surveillance and response activities in national programs
  3. To facilitate knowledge exchange amongst Program Managers, Surveillance Officers, and Partner Institutions on the topics of asymptomatic infections andnew malaria diagnostics.

Session 2. Embracing ultrasensitive diagnostics

Objective: To spread awareness of new malaria diagnostics currently in the pipeline and provide updates on their effectiveness, results from studies and/or potential rolloutdate/s.

  1. Introduction.  Presenter: Lorenz von Seidlein, MORU
  2. Performance of a highly sensitive RDT for P. falciparum malaria. Presenter:Gonzalo Domingo, PATH
  3. Target product profiles for the next generation of Plasmodium vivax diagnostic tests. Presenter: Xavier Ding, FIND
  4. PfHRP2 deletions - an emerging threat?  Presenter: Qin Cheng, Australian Army Malaria Institute
  5. Standardising NAT for field application.  Presenter: James McCarthy, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Session 3: APMEN VxWG and SRWG: Working Together

Objective: To identify cross-cutting priorities among the two working groups and consider ways to facilitate synergies and identify areas of future collaboration

Chair: Professor Gao Qi
Presentations and small group discussion

  1. Priorities of the VxWG. Presenter: Prof Ric Price
  2. SRWG High Priorities. Presenter: Dr Roly Gosling

Breakout Groups:
Identify topics and ways to combine efforts

  1. Small group discussion
  2. Report back on small group discussions to share ideas on possible areas of collaboration

Meeting Materials