Vivax Working Group

9-11 October 2017Bali – Indonesia

The APMEN VxWG Annual Meeting 2017 was held in Bali, Indonesia in collaboration with the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium. This year’s meeting was hosted back to back with the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) stakeholder meeting.

The Annual meeting drew more than 110 participants representing 18 APMEN Country Partners and Partner Institutions, along with active participation from other observers in attendance. The Vivax working group meeting brought together key stakeholders from National Malaria Control Programs, policy makers, healthcare providers, academics, funders and the World Health Organisation to  work together to generate solutions to overcome a parasite with a known ability to evade its demise.

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Day One - Tackling Effective Radical Cure of P. vivax

Session 1: Welcome and Overview

Session 2: Tackling Adherence

  • Discussion and feedback

Session 3: Research Methods

Session 4: Gathering the Evidence

  • Discussion and feedback

Day Two – Malaria in Pregnancy

Session 1: Burden and Treatment of falciparum and vivax malaria in pregnancy

Session 2: Prevention of falciparum and vivax malaria in pregnancy

Session 3: Round table discussions on Prevention of MiP

Day 2: APMEN VxWG Annual Meeting 2017 summary

Day Three – Vivax Working Group Business Meeting

Session 1: Workplan

Session 2: House Keeping

  • Discussion and feedback on Breakout Discussions

VxWG Annual Meeting Report

MIP Meeting Report