5-9 Dec 2014Bangkok, Thailand

In early December 2014, the co-secretariats of APMEN—the University of Queensland and UCSF’s Global Health Group—hosted an advocacy workshop in Bangkok as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen national resource mobilization for malaria elimination. Teams representing Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand included diverse stakeholders from national malaria programs, departments of health promotion, private sector foundations and a Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism.

Using the RBM Partnership’s Advocacy for Resource Mobilization Guide as a foundation for the training, the facilitators assisted countries in developing an advocacy strategy and work-plan. Many of the national advocacy objectives focused on increasing domestic financing for malaria elimination. Participants also highlighted the importance of sustained financing and political commitment for malaria elimination, particularly as their countries rally behind the Asia Pacific 2030 elimination goal that was recently announced at the East Asia Summit in November.


  • Session 1 & 2: Introduction to advocacy strategy development workshop. Getting to know each other and setting the ground rules
  • Session 3: Malaria elimination landscape in Asia Pacific 
  • Session 5: Discussion: Looking ahead for advocacy planning and implementation 
  • Session 6: Identifying Key Programmatic and Financial Gaps (Presentations from Sri Lanka and Indonesia)
  • Session 7: Develop SMART Objectives 
  • Session 8: Mapping Pathways of Influence
  • Session 9: Lessons Learnt from other Successful Elimination Programmes on Advocacy
  • Session 10: Identify Key Decision-makers and Map Advocacy Targets
  • Session 11: Financing Mechanisms and Private Sector Engagement
  • Session 12: Partnerships, Platforms and Advocacy Coalitions
  • Session 13: Using Evidence for Malaria Elimination Advocacy
  • Session 14: Create Clear Messaging
  • Session 15: Advocacy Approaches and Tools
  • Session 16: Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy
  • Session 17: Advocacy Workplan Development for 2015
  • Session 18: Present Advocacy Objectives, Strategy, Planned Activities for 2015

Meeting Materials