APMEN Case Studies

APMEN in collaboration with the Global Health Group (GHG) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Malaria Programme has produced a series of case studies that document eliminating country progress and lessons learned for reaching and sustaining zero malaria transmission.

APMEN Country Briefings

APMEN Country Partners collaborated with the UCSF Global Health Group to produce individual country briefings which are designed as reference documents for researchers, policy makers, donors, malaria programs, as well as other stakeholders involved in malaria elimination. Topics covered by these briefings include country-specific malaria and health financing indicators, progress towards elimination, potential challenges to achieving and maintaining elimination, and innovative strategies and programs each country has used or is currently using in their quest to eliminate malaria.

The country briefings aim to provide a comprehensive yet succinct overview of the history and current malaria situations in each of the countries profiled. The country briefings are continually updated with the latest data provided by Country Partners, and using sources including the WHO World Malaria Report, the latest peer-reviewed literature and other publicly available resources.

The most recently updated APMEN country briefings are found below, and additional countries are coming soon!

Atlas of the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network, 2011


APMEN, in collaboration with the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP) and the Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco, has published a first-of-its kind Atlas of APMEN’s malaria-eliminating partner countries. The Atlas displays the geographic distribution of malaria today in the 11 countries of the network, clearly outlining how much malaria remains and where it is concentrated. The APMEN Atlas serves as a tool to aid program managers, policy makers, and funders. A companion publication, the Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries, contains maps of the 36 malaria-eliminating countries around the world.

Download the Full Publication (PDF 195Mb)
*please note that due to the numerous maps in the APMEN Atlas, the total file size is extremely large. Please see below for low-res versions of the Country sections for easier download.