Elimination 2030

In the past 15 years, many countries in the Asia Pacific region have greatly reduced the burden of malaria. Most have also declared formal commitments to eliminating malaria. A significant step toward elimination was taken at the 2015 East Asia Summit, where Heads of Government of 18 Asia Pacific countries committed to the goal of an Asia Pacific free of malaria by 2030. These leaders also agreed to adopt the Leaders’ Malaria Elimination Roadmap as the plan to achieve this goal.  

APMEN’s role in regional malaria elimination efforts is to support knowledge exchange, capacity strengthening, and building the evidence base for elimination among APMEN countries. 

The APMEN Secretariat works in close partnership with the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA) to increase momentum toward the 2030 regional malaria elimination goal. Through this partnership, APMEN’s technical expertise,partnerships and engagement with national malaria control programs are linked with the high level political advocacy and multisectorial access of APLMA.

The following table of Elimination Goals is compiledfrom information provided by APMEN Country Partners, and available National Malaria Control and Elimination strategies and plans.